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Estate Planning Services

Our estate planning services help you plan your estate to protect your assets, save taxes and probate costs, assist your loved ones, and bring peace of mind to yourself and your family.

Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality and greatest expertise in estate planning services. Our firm uses state of the art document creation software, constantly updated for changes in IRS rules and state law requirements. We are active in bar association committees and sections to keep up to date on the state of the law as it affects estate planning.

Our firm believes in fostering an open environment in which the client feels comfortable in disclosing confidential information as to his or her estate planning objectives. This also means that we encourage cooperation between attorney, client, insurance advisor, accountant, financial planner, and corporate fiduciary (if these are part of the client's team).

We are extremely conscious of each client's individual needs. We also want to know the needs, hopes, and fears of both the client and the client's beneficiaries. Our goal is to enable you to control your assets and help you give those assets to whom you wish to give them with the least amount of costs, taxes, legal fees, and hassle. We do this by creating a custom estate plan for you.

Our estate planning process works in this manner:
  1. You fill out a confidential memorandum of assets which tells us the information we need to plan your estate.
  2. We then meet with you to discuss your desires and advise you of the estate plan basics. At this time, we agree on a fee and arrange for a fee agreement to be sent to you.
  3. We draft the estate plan and forward draft documents to you.
  4. We then meet with you to review the final draft and arrange for execution of the estate plan.
  5. We forward executed documents and copies to you and explain how the estate plan is put into effect by funding living trusts, etc.

We are always available for consultation and advice after the initial estate planning process to take care of new problems, changes, and questions.