Howard Z. Gopman & Associates, Ltd.

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Firm Profile

The law firm concentrates its practice in General Corporate, Real Estate, Estate, Business and Financial Planning and Securities Law. In addition, we practice in the areas of Venture Capital Investments, Franchising, and Oil and Gas.

We help people plan and form all types of business entities, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. We then service these companies and the people who control them on an ongoing basis to see that they are successful. We not only solve legal problems but assist our clients with business problems and planning as well.

We assist small companies in raising the capital necessary to get their businesses going or to make them successful through private placements and public offerings. We can help a company raise anywhere from $250,000 to several millions of dollars.

Our firm handles all types of real estate matters from simple residential closings to the most complex commercial real estate lease, purchase, or sale transaction. We protect the interests and act as advocate for buyers, sellers, lessees, lessors in every conceivable real estate transaction.

Our firm also helps people plan their estates so that their estates go to their loved ones and not to the probate court system and the Federal Government in the form of estate and income taxes. We have saved our clients and their loved ones hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, probate costs, and legal fees.

We offer distinct programs, including:
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